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Keeping all that personal finance stuff in order. The why and what!

Naming your electronic documents

There are never ending answers of how to name your electronic documents. How you name your files is entirely up to you. Personally, here’s the down and dirty way I get it done. Since I am turning my life into a paperless one (or as much as humanly possible), I’ve […]


Organizing Those Home Appliance Manuals

Appliance manuals, home warranty cards, receipts, furniture warranties and even extra parts! Can you organize appliance manuals? Of course you can! Home appliance manuals, home warranty cards, receipts, furniture warranties and even extra parts! Hiding Placing them in a drawer always sounded to me like the best way to handle them, until I […]

Organizing the Rewards Card Ridiculousness

Some call them Club cards. Other stores call them Reward cards or Membership cards. We all have too many of them, and understandably so. Those little pieces of plastic give you a discount, in exchange for being cumbersome and hard to keep track of. But what can you do? Until […]


Valpak = Junk Mail. Maybe?

I’m always looking for ways to eliminate the junk mail from my life. The Valpak bundle has been a source of divided logic for me. So, does Valpak = Junkmail? and should you unsubscribe? Valpak offers coupons/promotions from local companies, many which are family owned and operated. Being a believer […]

Keeping Track of What’s Really in Your Wallet

Everyone loves that popular Capital One catch phrase, but do you really know “What’s really in your wallet”? There are quite a lot of things in your wallet you really don’t need. If your wallet is stolen, the more you carry means the more susceptible you become to identity theft. […]

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