much ado about red soled shoes

Much Ado About Red Soled Shoes

I have a problem today. I want a pair of shoes. I really (really) want a classic pair of patent-leather, red-soled pumps. Now, for you, go ahead and insert anything into that sentence – a big screen TV, pro Camera, fur coat, whatever it is you’re eyeing. For me, it’s shoes.

Downside: they’re $795. Now, technically, I could go buy these shoes. I have the money to do it. But almost $800 for a pair of shoes? For only one pair? It’s hard to rationalize. Yes, I will wear them forever; no, my shoe size won’t change. But do I really need them?

For years I’ve been trying to justify purchasing this exact pair of shoes. Years. Just the fact that I’ve been thinking about it for that long leads me to believe that I should just buy them already, but I just haven’t convinced myself yet.

Fun fact: It takes me forever to make a big decision. I weigh out everything. The good thing is that, when I do finally make a decision, it’s always well founded and I never question or regret it.

This week was the week. I fought with myself, tossed aside my guilt, and finally decided to go to Nordstrom’s and get the damn shoes.

And I promptly stopped. I still hadn’t convinced myself to part with my $795 (not including tax!). So instead of thinking why I wanted these shoes (needed them, really), I started to think about what these shoes could do for me.

If you get a big screen TV, you can upgrade how you watch How I Met Your Mother. A professional camera can enhance the memories that you shoot, and even a fur coat will keep you warm. However, what can my red-soled shoes give me?

Honestly? Nothing. If I’m being brutally honest, I want people to look at me and notice my shoes. I want to go to an event and stand out. But why? I started wondering why I cared if people noticed my shoes and realized, well, I don’t. If people pay attention to me because I have red-soled shoes, that isn’t the company I care to keep. Nor people I care to converse with.

It’s tough to realize that your spending habits can be a reflection of how you perceive other people view you.  It’s also difficult not to get caught up in comparing yourself to others. For your own sanity, don’t. You’ll find that the people who actually want to hang out don’t care if your shoes have red soles or not. If they do,  it’s time to get new friends.





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