“Do I Need to Give Out My Zip Code?”

No. The short answer is “No.” The long answer is “Hell, no.” Do you value your privacy or at least what’s left of it? Don’t give your zip code to the clerk at a retail store. It’s comes down to crack marketing. You know how it is. Clerk asks for your zip […]

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Does a Good Security Question even Exist?

We’re all familiar with security questions and answers. They inundate our lives every time you set up a new account. Many of us will probably have a major brain fade about the whole thing eventually. Good thing passwords can be reset by answering a few simple questions to verify your identity. […]

Cable is a Luxury, So Should you Cancel it?

Cable is a luxury. Television in general is a luxury. The ability to watch seven football games at one time is not exactly a priority. If you are unsure about your finances and behind on your bills, but you have cable? You need to completely reassess: Did you wait to pay […]


When’s the Last Time You Pulled Your Credit Report?

When’s the last time you pulled your credit report? Have you ever pulled your credit report? We all know that we should look at our report regularly for identity theft purposes and to correct errors. Right? We think about it – but how many of us actually follow through? You are ENTITLED […]

Naming your electronic documents

There are never ending answers of how to name your electronic documents. How you name your files is entirely up to you. Personally, here’s the down and dirty way I get it done. Since I am turning my life into a paperless one (or as much as humanly possible), I’ve […]

Loving My Shredder is the Right Thing To Do

I love my shredder, I shred it all! I actually have two shredders. Yea I know, a bit much. But one downstairs, tucked in the dining room for the mail routine every night. The one upstairs is for the heavy work in the office, that is a Fellowes Powershred 69Cb There […]

Identity Theft by Friends and Family? Happy Holidays!

It’s the holidays, a time of giving & sharing. Family and friends. Neighbors stopping by. Fa, la, la la la – lalalala. Did you know that relatives & friends are a large component to identity theft? Yo what? Knocks your jingle bells off doesn’t it?? It did mine! In 2012, […]

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Fight Back and Prevent Internet Scams!

We all have the potential to fall for them and become victims. They take the form of online scams, mail solicitation and people actually knocking on your door. The one fact they all have in common is they can be prevented. Scammers don’t discriminate when trying to steal information. They […]