Much Ado About Red Soled Shoes

I have a problem today. I want a pair of shoes. I really (really) want a classic pair of patent-leather, red-soled pumps. Now, for you, go ahead and insert anything into that sentence – a big screen TV, pro Camera, fur coat, whatever it is you’re eyeing. For me, it’s […]

much ado about red soled shoes

Cashier in baker's shop posing with cash register

“Do I Need to Give Out My Zip Code?”

No. The short answer is “No.” The long answer is “Hell, no.” Do you value your privacy or at least what’s left of it? Don’t give your zip code to the clerk at a retail store. It’s comes down to crack marketing. You know how it is. Clerk asks for your zip […]

Organizing the Rewards Card Ridiculousness

Some call them Club cards. Other stores call them Reward cards or Membership cards. We all have too many of them, and understandably so. Those little pieces of plastic give you a discount, in exchange for being cumbersome and hard to keep track of. But what can you do? Until […]

credit addict

Semi-Rehabiliatated Credit Addict

I am a semi-rehabilitated credit addict. Isn’t step one of any program admitting that you have a problem? Since we know everyone likes to hear a story so they don’t feel alone (and you’re totally not), here we are: Story Time: There was a point in my life that I […]

My Love Affair with ROI

ROI is my way of justifying everything and anything that I want to purchase. It’s all about usage divided by cost or Return on Investment. Shoes you want? Jewelry? Electronics? Even home appliances and gadgets look better with a quick ROI calculation. (Lately I have heard it referred to as […]