Suburban Cents Recommends

We all have an arsenal of “go to” places to find exactly what we need or want. Here’s my toolbox of favorite places/things/info generators –  All of these tools I currently use regularly or have used in the past. Enjoy!


  • Three words. THE. CONTAINER. STORE.  Sign up for their mailings, it’s worth it. Not only are they an incredible store overflowing with ways to stuff your stuff, they have an amazing corporate culture.
  • JULIE MORGENSTERN. An old boss picked up “Time Management from the Inside Out” for me. It was just a matter of weeks before I had to read the rest.


  • First off, Do you have a shredder? That’s STEP ONE in Protecting your identity. I love to shred papers so much I have two!
  • CREDITKARMA Hands down (for me) one of the best credit monitoring places out there. I love everything about it  – even taught my college age daughter to use it.
  • LIFELOCK is a “comprehensive suite of identity theft protection tools” Although I am not a subscriber to Lifelock, their Identity Theft 101 series is a great information resource.


  • Always been a huge MINT fan. It’s a great tool for budgeting and really getting to know your money.
  • Ben over at READY FOR ZERO has put some fun into paying down your debt. They have  a simplified interface with cute rewards.
  • LEARNVEST The mission at LearnVest is to “empower people everywhere to take control of their personal finances so that they can afford their dreams”. So many resources, too many too list. Sign up for a BOOTCAMP email program. Useful, take action info in bite-sized pieces.


  • BANKRATE I am always checking to see how online savings account rates are fluctuating. In the business for a new mortgage? Savings or really any kind of account? You can’t afford to not check it out.
  •  ANNUAL CREDIT REPORT   Yup, the one set up by the FTC. The FREE one, NOT the one with the jingle. Three times a year, like clockwork.