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Much Ado About Red Soled Shoes

I have a problem today. I want a pair of shoes. I really (really) want a classic pair of patent-leather, red-soled pumps. Now, for you, go ahead and insert anything into that sentence – a big screen TV, pro Camera, fur coat, whatever it is you’re eyeing. For me, it’s […]

much ado about red soled shoes

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Can I move my payment date?

Can you bargain with your creditors to have your payment date moved? Provided that you have maintained a semi-good relationship ,  it’s completely possible. The bottom line for all creditors is that they just want to get paid back the money you borrowed. If that means moving a payment to accommodate […]

Semi-Rehabiliatated Credit Addict

I am a semi-rehabilitated credit addict. Isn’t step one of any program admitting that you have a problem? Since we know everyone likes to hear a story so they don’t feel alone (and you’re totally not), here we are: Story Time: There was a point in my life that I […]

credit addict


Credit Text Message Anyone?

  There is no reason not to know what’s going on in your credit card account. Almost all companies have optional text reminders that can help you. Of course, it’s sometimes a little scary or depressing to know exactly what’s going on in your account, but knowledge is power! Until […]

Keeping Track of What’s Really in Your Wallet

Everyone loves that popular Capital One catch phrase, but do you really know “What’s really in your wallet”? There are quite a lot of things in your wallet you really don’t need. If your wallet is stolen, the more you carry means the more susceptible you become to identity theft. […]

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