credit report

What is a FICO score?

Your FICO Score is a service provided to the credit bureaus or “Fair Issac Corporation” Score. It uses information from your credit file to assist banks and lenders to determine how credit worthy you are. The score they give you is supposed to determine your risk of default to a […]


identity theft

Identity Theft by Friends and Family? Happy Holidays!

It’s the holidays, a time of giving & sharing. Family and friends. Neighbors stopping by. Fa, la, la la la – lalalala. Did you know that relatives & friends are a large component to identity theft? Yo what? Knocks your jingle bells off doesn’t it?? It did mine! In 2012, […]

Credit Text Message Anyone?

  There is no reason not to know what’s going on in your credit card account. Almost all companies have optional text reminders that can help you. Of course, it’s sometimes a little scary or depressing to know exactly what’s going on in your account, but knowledge is power! Until […]