Why Suburban Cents?

Because that’s what I am. The suburbs at it’s finest. Trying to navigate my finances, improve my credit score & make sure I’m doing all the right things to retire. Just like you. Just like we all are.

But let’s back up a minute & let me introduce myself. I’m Velma, I love personal finance –  I am definitely an organizational nerd & ninja.

To get a little personal, I’m a sucker for a 3 Musketeers and have an affinity for Kit Kat bars. Mom of one stellar daughter & a major coffee-aholic. Socially functioning dork, nerd, geek – whatever label you want to put on it.

Super personal? I haven’t always been good with my money. Money and I had a terrible relationship & it took a lot to change.

I was tired of my money managing me.  Are you?

I was fed up with the time I spent doing it. Are you?

Here I share what I find useful. Bit’s of information that are quick, easy and informative. I believe we can all take control of our finances & be knowledgeable. I’m hoping that I can help you become more organized, more efficient and informed – bits of info at a time.



Oh wait… a few quick things to know:

1. Your information is exactly that, your information. If you choose to share your email address, real name, shoe size or bank balance; I will not share with anyone. Not only that, but I won’t sell it either. That’s a little creepy and actually just rude. I also completely believe and abide in the code of ethics for DMM’s as well. If you do decide to share with me, occasionally I will be using that information to communicate with you. Here is my full privacy policy.

3. There will be product links in some of my posts. If there’s a link then it means there might be a small bit of change if you choose to purchase. I won’t say “buy me a coffee” because it’s so overused, but I will say “Help me justify those red soled shoes”?

Also, in accordance with the FTC and the updated rules, here that is as well.

Truly once again!