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Does getting married change my credit score?

“I want to get married but my fiance has bad credit, will their score ruin mine? I’ve been told it will –  Never mind! Not ruining my credit!” Slow down, it’s okay. Getting married doesn’t impact your score. Marrying someone with bad credit will not make your score worse. Credit […]


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What’s NOT considered in your FICO score

I get asked the question “How is my FICO score calculated?” very often. There are many common misconceptions about information that is gathered to make your score. Many people believe personal details and factors weigh against them. Let’s clear it all up here – First off, your FICO score doesn’t […]

What is a FICO score?

Your FICO Score is a service provided to the credit bureaus or “Fair Issac Corporation” Score. It uses information from your credit file to assist banks and lenders to determine how credit worthy you are. The score they give you is supposed to determine your risk of default to a […]



When’s the Last Time You Pulled Your Credit Report?

When’s the last time you pulled your credit report? Have you ever pulled your credit report? We all know that we should look at our report regularly for identity theft purposes and to correct errors. Right? We think about it – but how many of us actually follow through? You are ENTITLED […]

Semi-Rehabiliatated Credit Addict

I am a semi-rehabilitated credit addict. Isn’t step one of any program admitting that you have a problem? Since we know everyone likes to hear a story so they don’t feel alone (and you’re totally not), here we are: Story Time: There was a point in my life that I […]

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What’s the Most Important Thing About Credit?

Did you ever wonder what’s the one thing you should be doing with your credit? Quick Answer: Pay your bills. On time. No hidden agendas, no fine print, just pay your bills. On time. More importantly, make sure those are the ones reported to the credit bureaus. Depending on if […]

Credit Text Message Anyone?

  There is no reason not to know what’s going on in your credit card account. Almost all companies have optional text reminders that can help you. Of course, it’s sometimes a little scary or depressing to know exactly what’s going on in your account, but knowledge is power! Until […]