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Get Your Tax Refund Fast with Direct Deposit

You’re getting a tax refund – awesome! However you plan to use it, you want to get it fast! Direct Deposit with the IRS is the best way to do this. The great part is you can have your direct deposit put into other types of accounts, not just your […]

Thoughtful Investor

The Case Against Giving Children Allowance

I’m going to tell it straight: I am against allowance for children. Raising a child as a single parent worried about paying the rent, daycare, gas, et cetera, didn’t leave room for extra cash to dole out at will. Even a few dollars a week would have been a stretch. […]

Much Ado About Red Soled Shoes

I have a problem today. I want a pair of shoes. I really (really) want a classic pair of patent-leather, red-soled pumps. Now, for you, go ahead and insert anything into that sentence – a big screen TV, pro Camera, fur coat, whatever it is you’re eyeing. For me, it’s […]

much ado about red soled shoes

Cable is a Luxury, So Should you Cancel it?

Cable is a luxury. Television in general is a luxury. The ability to watch seven football games at one time is not exactly a priority. If you are unsure about your finances and behind on your bills, but you have cable? You need to completely reassess: Did you wait to pay […]

Can I move my payment date?

Can you bargain with your creditors to have your payment date moved? Provided that you have maintained a semi-good relationship ,  it’s completely possible. The bottom line for all creditors is that they just want to get paid back the money you borrowed. If that means moving a payment to accommodate […]

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My Love Affair with ROI

ROI is my way of justifying everything and anything that I want to purchase. It’s all about usage divided by cost or Return on Investment. Shoes you want? Jewelry? Electronics? Even home appliances and gadgets look better with a quick ROI calculation. (Lately I have heard it referred to as […]